Brazil Nov 2005

The last stop of the PKRA was in Brazil again and I wanted to make my first good results in the PKRA…

I arrived in Cumbuco at 11.00 pm or something and instead of being greeted by Piele (PhillipBr?ckmann), the other German PKRA-rider, in a nice pousada I was directly at the first party of the trip, him being quiet drunk already, and me just worrying about my stuff and hoping for some sleep after the long travel. The party came to an end quiet late in the night and now Piele showed me our “pousada”, a room just abouth the Cumbuco-reggaebar in the center, noisy, small and so hot, without climatization. Ok, he tried to defend his choice of “pousada” with the centered location, oceanview, etc, but the fact was, that we were here for kiteboarding, so in the End we dont gave a shit where to live. In fact, I think that you cant get a better pousada then this room we staid in, we had good breakfast, were just 10 steps away from the Kitebeach and could check the conditions from our terrace at breakfast, perfect!

So now the training began, we used to get up, breakfast, check the conditions, go kite at Cumbuco “kitebeach” and make a downwinder to Lagoa Cauipe. Soon we had the first successes in landing new tricks, Piele was doing great learning Kiteloop Mobes, Downloop Frontmobes and even Mobe 7 while I was doing all the “to wrapped”stuff in both directions to get prepared for my goal of inventing some new combos nobody would reach in a certain timewindow. In the End of my 40 days Brazil, I was the first to do a pete rose to wrapped and toeside backroll to wrapped, I was really happy about that, cause I really like to be creative and do alternative things. I also learned do to KGB to wrapped, downloop 3 and some other stuff so it was some good training.

The PKRA was fun, I passed the trials with very good performance in both of my heats.In my first heat I was against Soufiane Hamaini and Zach and won this heat with a slim, a pete rose, pete rose 5 and a downloop s-bend to blind, so had to do another heat against David Pelica where I won again qualifing myself for the mainevent! Phillip Br?ckmann had a very good heat with a mobe and a L3 against Joseph Carneiro but as the judges couldnt see Phillips Mobe, Joseph passed with a bar3 and several other tricks.

Then it came to the Mainevent, I was against Cesar Portas in my first heat so I already thought that I wouldnt pass the first round, but then I had a very good heat for the choppy conditions there, lots of power in all of my tricks, including slim, pete rose, double sbend, backroll to blind and 313, Cesar just landed a slim and a downloop slim smashing to the water. So everybody thought I was the winner, but the judges had a different opinion. So that brought me quiet down, I was really pissed!!!

In the Second Elimination I then had a horrible heat against Madison Van heurck, he landed a frontmobe and mobe, while I was crashing a lot, so he won.

Piele staid in Brazil 4 month, I still dont know how he could have been motivated such a long time but I was really exhausted by the warmth,and of kiting every day and not doing much else.


Cauipe: Sick lagoon for training, flat water, dirty water, way to many riders.

Paracuru: Waves and flat water, reef, to crowded, perfect sideshorewind.

Cumbuco: Superchoppy, wind is ok, not to crowded as beach is huge and water is choppy.

Beach Park: Very Choppy, waves.

Lagoinhas: Choppy, good wind, good restaurants and waves.


Dont fly with Tap Air.

Dont go to Fortaleza alone or drunk.

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