Bad surprise


After the 2nd day of the Ispo I started to have really bad belly pain, so after some hours of suffering I decided to go to the hospital. The biggest nightmare began, when I woke up after a surgery next day and got to know that I was unaible to kite for 4 weeks.At least I was with a cool buddy in the hospitalroom with a kickass rockband called Loonataraxis…

Just after some minutes in hospital, the doctor told me that my blind intestine had to be taken off in a surgery. So some hours later I got the narkose and the dreaming of far universes began, but already 2 hours later I woke up in a steril white room with two other patients in the room, one of them singer of the band Loonataraxis who was living without blind intestine already one hour more then I was.

After 2 days we got the chance to ask the doctor how long we werent going to be able to kite or sing and he answered that it was going to take 4 weeks. Without checking my schedule I already knew that I was going to miss big part of the season. The kitesurftrophy in Sylt, the German Championship, the PKRA in Germany, Fuerteventura and in Tarifa, those were the contests that I would miss.

As a friend of mine Pile always says “shit happens”, well, its true and so I will not start with a depression but begin to plan my way to the Top 5 for next year. So now I stay some weeks in Munich recovering and living a Antikitelive and just after, I fly to Spain to visit my family and go directly to brazil to train and maybe participate in the last PKRA-stop. In end of September I will be doing Fotos and a Video at the Foneteamtrip. I want stop kiting this winter, Im more motivated then ever, nobody will be able to hold me out of the water!

So good luck to everybody and check this website, its from the alternative rockband loonataraxis who play some similar music to System of a Down. They definitely rock!!!

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