Bravo Sport Poster

Yuup, that’s true! Im regenerating from my surgery at the moment, playing lots of golf…,yeah, no joke, golf is what I do almost every day here in Munich, we`re just going crossgolfing through the downtown area in the middle of the night or we play on a golfcourse in the worst rains you could possibly imagine! (ok, most people on the golfcourse are a little strange, reason why downtowngolfing is just more fun…!)#

Well, back to to the smart phrase, just 1 or 2 weeks after my surgery I got a phonecall from Bravo Sport for an interview with me. I couldn’t believe it, as its one of the most sold magazines in Germany, so I was glad to answer all the questions. In the end, there was no space for the interview, but they put me on the poster! On the other side of the poster you have Thierry Henry! I`m stoked!

I will be on my board in 2 weeks maximum again, Im so exited to go kite in just a couple of days! Hopefully I will kite with all my strength in the PKRA in Brazil again, that would be awesome! Anyways, now I focus on the 2007 tour, so I will train harder then ever this winter season!

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