Guest at the PKRA Tarifa – Back in Shape

I went to Tarifa last Thursday, to see the Top-riders newest tricks and meet friends. Len10, Soto and Jaime rocked with some huge kung fu handlepasses, really spectacular! After 1 hour on the beach, a dozen of riders and friends already had showed me their Appendicitis-scars and told me their story’s, so now I know I’m not alone, hahaha.

I staid in Tarifa till Sunday, ride with 30+ Levantewinds which made it difficult to land all my tricks. Monday I had a great day with my new 11m (best kite ever), I landed every mobe, did some new stuff and enjoyed so much! So now I’m back in Shape and my Motivation is sooo high!!!I just ordered a nice camcorder, so in future I will keep you updated with my newest tricks and trips on video!!!

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