PKRA Belgium

Exactly 32 men registered for this contest, so we started with the Single Elminitation today. 4 heats were finished but then in my heat against Jo Ciastula the Competition was cancelled done to the constantly increasing wind which was taking me and the others away without any possibility to depower.2 hours later the organization decided to give it another try, the wind now was lighter but even gustier, and in the middle of the heat we all ended up to underpowered so the heat was cancelled again.

Day 3: Great strong Wind up to 40 knots, so we could finish the Single Elimination. I won my first Heat against Jo Ciastula with one of the most complete heats of the day including pete rose, kgb, blind judge aerial pass and back to wrapped. After that I was against my teammate Etienne Lhote, we really fought it out on the water, I did some more handlepasses but in the end the judges decided in a very very close decision that Etienne had to advance because of doing higher tricks and powerfull kiteloops. He then made it to the finals and even beat Aaron Hadlow.

While the Double-Elimination started, I had the bad Idea to study some time. Unfortunately this made me come 5 min. to late to my heat which made it impossible to beat Bj?rn Viane. No Im really really pissed, but happy to go home.

Day 2:

19.00 : The organisation decided to cancel the competition for today at 6pm, so now we have some time to rest, learn, check emails and do what ever we want which is cool.

14.30 : We are still waiting for the wind, we have a possible start every half an hour so theres nothing more to do then to wait, its really getting boring here.Maybe the wind will pick up later, but I guess that there want be any wind until tomorrow. Check for liveresults.

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