Stance Trip Turkey

I arrived in Turkey last Sunday and then had a 4 hours drive together with Jeremy from Stance to the Hotel, from Bodrum to Dactja. Next morning we had some good breakfast with the 2 other riders, Niccolo Porcella and Rui Meira.

After that we waited some hours for the wind and could shoot a nice session with 14m kites just before the sun went down.

The next day gave us overpowered gusty conditions for our 8`s and 9`s, so it was really hard to do some newschooltricks, but anyway, we did our best. To get some lighter winds, the Hotel manager brought us to a harbor on the other side of the coast, where we had some light wind for 9 and 10m. Rui had a sick session here, landing a Frontmobe to blind and some kiteloop handlepasses. On Wednesday then, the wind was strong again for my 9m, so to ride in more constant conditions we went riding to a light house which was in the middle of the ocean. This place was was super rocky and we kited just downwind from the lighthouse, which gave us flat water. Our session was a real adventure, 1 mile from shore, no boat, super strong wind and such a dark water that nobody of us could stop thinking of sharks… For me, this was the best session of the trip, I couldn’t land much more then Rui and Nicollo here neither, but it was just pure adrenalin out there. After this session, we went to a new spot again, were we arrived to late for the wind, I was the dummy who pumped up for a 5min. downwinder. Next target was another UCPA-hotel close to Marmaris. Also a nice place, but more for windsurfers then for kiter’s and here finally I could do my pete rose to wrapped and some kiteloop handlepasses. After a Ok-session it was time to party. We all went to Marmaris together and couldn’t believe what a partyplace this was, after having spent most of our time in the relaxed atmosphere of Dactja. At least 5 or 6 huge discotheque’s, with a lot of international people partying till sunset. But also the prices where incredible, even if I am used to party in Puerto Banus which is a port for rich people just close to my home in spain, the prices in Marmaris surprised me, they were practically the same! After the huge party I was the only one to enjoy next day`s riding by not having drunk anything at the party. So I started with my 13m kite and did some newschoolstuff until the wind went super gusty and strong again and I had a nice session of board offs and high airs. After the session we went back to Dactja again. Next and last day of the trip the wind was dead. We went to Datcja city to the market and to take a look at the boats at the port and soon everybody of us realized that we all shared the same dream: to life on a boat. At 11.30 pm the Bus for Rui and me arrived and this time we went two times faster then at the arrival. After 5 really close situations to a collision with another car or a tree, the driver still didn’t seem to be worried about his driving skills and made our adrenalin rush into our vains a couple of times more before arriving at the airport.

We all enjoyed the 7 days in Turkey and hope to come back in the future. I got to know Nicollo, who just some time ago was one of my biggest idols in kiteboarding and who I will continue to respect, as a very cool person and a very stylish own minded Kiteboarder. I also got to know a new culture again, which turned out to be totally different to the image it has in Spain or Germany. No Aggressive extremists, just open minded visitor friendly people who love their country.

Sizes I kited with: 7m, 9m, 11m, 13m

Food: Pretty good, similar to Greek food

Weather: It was sunny through all the trip but got cold in the night. You shouldn’t forget your sweater and Shorty.

Best places to stay: The UCPA in Datcja is the perfect place to stay, you have a kiteschool there and you’re right at the best spot around Bodrum

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