Wind in Marbella and kiting Troya

In the End of the Portugal trip, I had the chance to go to troya with the portugiese foneteam to film for a portugiese soap. As I was just there by coincidence I didnt knew what the hell I should do there…but the first day gave us perfect onshorewinds for 11m, so nice for kiting but also many teens were on the beach, imitating the perfect contest, which was so far from reality…

It should all look like a national competition, and some of the actors were doubled by the portugieuse foneriders in the water.After kiting we had some funny conversations with the cast and then went straight to see the match between italy and germany…

Next day the wind turned offshore. Joao and I were the most nervous about going kite and headed for the water first. The wind was horrible, it was so gusty that you seemed to be overpowered but couldnt even go upwind. So after a lot of walking upwind at the beach, we stopped and dropped our kites. In the afternoon we all went to a bar to see the match between portugal and france, which took sad end for the locals. After the match we went back to Lisboa and I kited one day more before returning to Marbella.

I arrived in Marbella late at night, and could go kite already the day after. After 1 year of travelling around Amerika, Clinton Bolton was back in Marbella too and we had a cool session together, but after 1 hour of wind, it dropped to zero and remained like that for the whole week.

Yesterday night I landed in Munich and right now im in my father`s house. I will meet some friends and be at the Ispo through the week. After that, I fly to Sylt to compete in the Kitesurftrophy, to Fuerteventura for the PKRA and back to Germany for the PKRA and the German Championship!

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