Shared 1st Place in Valencia

winaaa.jpgThe second stop of the Spanish Tour was to be held in Cullera (Valencia). The number of participants in the mens dropped from 66 in Tarifa to 30 in Cullera and the wind was nothing more than a breeze.I had received my Bandits some days before and only tested the 9m 3 days, but after the third day I was sure I would compete with them.In the end the forecasts were right and there was barely enough wind to compete. I advanced until the finals, being one of the very few without having to walk upwind at the beach. And that was with a 11m while everyone else was on their 13m or bigger! At the time of the finals the wind dropped down to nothing and the competition was canceled. So in the end I shared the 1st place with Alvaro Onieva, who walked up the single elimination ladder from the other side and gave the crowd something to applaud for with his to blind Fireball landings (passing the bar between his legs).Now Alvaro and Me are still very even for the last Stop which will be on in 4 days in Malaga, lets beg for some wind there. Just after that one, I’ll fly to Fuerteventura for the PKRA!

4 Responses to “Shared 1st Place in Valencia”

  1. Athens.. Says: look very wonderful in your day, maybe the next year..I wish keep in touch with your soul..friend of my dreams =)

    GoOd LuCk SiL!!

    Fly as only you know!!!

  2. Athens.. Says:

    are you sure you are not from Final Fantasy..a very beautiful song for you today =))

  3. Silvester Says:

    Well I thought the song fit good in the vid the first time I listened to it, but now I think its way to soft…

  4. Athens.. Says:

    the song is perfect in the allows fly another, maybe, hidden emotions (impulse that it induces to the action) soft..the better is to live with all of our emotions..completly full of alive.. and it’s always little things…

    the sea is at the same time brave and quite, the sea makes me feel very free with a lot of projects but also at the same time makes me feel little as a one of the million sand grains..insist perfect song! =))

    one present for you!!

    Good competition in Malagaaaa!!!