2nd place in Tarifa

The day just after the PKRA, it was time for inscriptions again, this time for the Spanish Championship, where I could compete because I’m resident in Spain. It wasn’t really windy and there were more than 60 inscribed riders, so the trials took pretty long and we could only finish the first round of the single where I won my heat.Today the Levante came back with gusty 30 Knots. I was super overpowered on my 9m and going really big, was very concentrated so I landed almost every single trick. I won the second round, than the third round against Christian Holley and then in the Semi-Final I was against Cesar Portas and won again, with a really scarring 313.In the final then I was against Alvaro “Onix” Onieva. His riding was epic with the biggest double-sbend passes ever. We went to the heat, he did a big Blind Judge with sloppy landing, i did one at least as big with sloppy landing, then he crashed, I went for a Flat 3 and a powered Frontmobe, than for another 313 and landed with lots of speed and broke my board into two pieces. So I went back to the beach with the bigger part of the board and got a new board, but the straps were way to big and I couldn’t handle it at all. Meanwhile Alvaro went for some super powered handlepasses and a Double S-bend pass and nailed the victory, he was stoked and I was as stoked for him.So tomorrow they give even stronger Levante for the Double Elimination. Its going to be lots of fun again, can’t wait for it!

2 Responses to “2nd place in Tarifa”

  1. Marcus Says:

    Alta sly!!! Glueckwunsch das du 2 geworden bist…vielleicht hast du ja jez glueck in den naechsten PKRA stops….
    Keep real
    wir sehen uns auf’m wasser

  2. flo Says:

    hi komme aus tarifa klasse heads! hab zugesehn
    grüsse flo