9th PKRA Tarifa

After a very bad start in the Single Elimination, today I finished 9th in the Double Eliminations. I was against Rui Meira in my second heat who really was the most difficult rider to go against in the second round so I went to the water with lots of concentration. The wind was super gusty and strong, but I managed to do lots of stuff including a well powered Pete Rose so I won. The next heat I had to go against Julian Hosp who was pretty lucky in the last competitions, so I took that one more relaxed and advanced to the next heat against Madison Van Heurck.Here the wind dropped a lot, I had a good heat according to the conditions again but this time I mysteriously lost. So it could have been the 7th, but in the End I ended up 9th, which isn’t bad at all. Feeling more sure about myself again regarding competition riding, hoping to keep it up!

3 Responses to “9th PKRA Tarifa”

  1. Kim Says:

    money money money
    hey diggi
    schönes ding!!!

  2. Silvester Says:

    DickaAa, thx dude, rock da SLIDERS and make somebody film you brooooo!

  3. Carlos Saez Says:

    Onix has a board, for u. The new ones are here and they rock, big time!