An update…

Hey sorry for not updating since a while. Basically I have been at home in Spain since a couple of months, Alvaro and I have already started to film some stuff for our movie project, mainly skateboarding, lifestyle and waveriding cause we were super unlucky with the wind here. Tomorrow Ill fly to Munich to give my father a visit and from there I gonna book my flight to Brazil or wherever the wind takes us.
The backmobe below is on a C…

3 Responses to “An update…”

  1. Max Says:

    yeih, keep on kicking it like that, your style is one of the best i’ve seen so far, fuck PKRA and get yourself some bindings!

  2. julian Says:

    nuce job dude! san pedro beach???

  3. Silvester Says:

    Yes, it is indeed! But its 1 month ago, now its time for a thick long wetsuit, jeje.