Back in Black

Sites have to be black! So there it is, back in black after a couple of white months…Let’s talk about Germany. Was a cool event, so much crazy stuff happened! I was in a room with Alvaro Onieva… We played way to much Kicker, Alvaro lived his philosophy “piss on your idols”, I had to sleep in a “Strandkorb” at the beach with 25 knots of wind after an excessive party (yes, the comp was over by then) cause there was only one pair of keys for the hotel, I showed my favorite Ipod Playlist on stage in front of Seniors, families, etc.,music like Metallica, The Cult, Sex Pistols,…

Hope to be there again next year!Now I’m in Spain since Monday, went to the Cable-Ski with Alvaro Tuesday, was super cool but I gotta get some bindings, way better feeling. Then it was windy yesterday and the day before, had some fun on my 11m Bandit and 8m Impact SL.Now I better get back to my studies, didn’t do anything all summer long, to busy enjoying life…Have fun, enjoy the end of summer, be yourself!

10 Responses to “Back in Black”

  1. julian Says:

    lol for the night after the party!!!
    black is better for the website…
    i’m in alicante tonight and i go tomorow to tarifa…when do you go to this place???send me your phone number on my blog; think it’s easier to send sms in tarifa….
    see ya man

  2. Nm! Says:

    Q tal?? Pasaras x Tarifa?? Yo estare alli toda la semana … empieza la feria el sabado.. y trabajare de imagen para Tio Pepe! Si pasas por alli.. ya sabes.. sms!! Mucha suerte… y que te vayan bien los estudioss!! (que ya keda poco!! buag!! )
    Un beso!

  3. Athens.. Says:

    I will miss your news…=(

    good luck silver

  4. julian Says:

    hi man i tried to send you few sms..but that’s wrong…so where are you?
    do you come to tarifa? i’m here or few days…after i go to others spots..
    see you later man 😉

  5. Silvester Says:

    been in marbella, my car is a serious danger right now and Tarifa is a one hour drive… Tomorrow its windy here, should come, wind’s gonna be constant!

  6. julian Says:

    today was perfect in 9 in tarifa; good hang time…tomorow will be to strong to ride there i think…
    so i maybe will go to marbella…
    my number is 06 80 23 84 61…
    i send you a texto tonight or tomorow…

  7. Nm! Says:

    U have to come to Tarifaaa!!! It’s tarifa’s fair!!!! have u got messenger??
    kisses nm!

  8. julian Says:

    hey man, if you wanna see the first picts of today go to i will sent you the others after..
    see you tomorrow!

  9. Sebastian Says:

    Nice…geiles Design Digger!

  10. Bautista Assereto Farroni Says:

    Hola, soy un raider de Buenos Aires, Argentina y compito co F-ONE