Cover on French Kitesurf Magazine

kitesurfmag_47_france.jpgThat’s a very nice pic of a flat3 with Le Morne in the background, I’m super stoked! The PKRA Dates are published, 10 Freestyle Events, that will be a lot of time in Air plains, but I can’t wait to start this season any more, start, start, start! With so many Events I hope to find some time in between this summer to check out those wind-conditions in the USA but probably gonna end up training in good old europeee again!

3 Responses to “Cover on French Kitesurf Magazine”

  1. Olivier Says:

    Hi Sylvester,

    Y’our’s the best !
    It’s very nice picture….

  2. Julian Says:

    hey silvester what’s up??if you want,you can see on my blog first picts of the trip in martinque!bye 😉

  3. Julian Says:

    don’t forget!if you have time!you can come in britanny at home!good nexs on your website!