Defended the 2nd in the Doubles

The forecasts were right and the wind got even stronger than in the Single Eliminations. Some people fought their way up in the Doubles, such as Julien Bracht, who got 6th, but Alex Pastor and Cesar Portas defended their 4th and 3rd. So I had to defend my 2nd place against Cesar, I was riding the 8m Impact SL with 18m Lines, again I was able to land everything and animated the crowd to applaud, then I went for some Pete Rose, etc. with the kite low and lots of speed. I won against Cesar and now had to ride against Alvaro another time.I was downwind of the competition area and they directly continued with the Final, so I had to run up the beach to get into the heat just in time which took some energy. But being in a Final with Alvaro brought the energy back and I started the heat with a monstrous KGB, after the landing Alvaro applauded like crazy, then he went for the biggest unhooked kiteloop handlepass I’ve seen in my life and sticked it perfectly, now I couldn’t stop waving with my arms. Then I went for a Blind Judge and just after the Landing for another Pete Rose landing just some meters from the beach. Alvaro meanwhile went for his under 45 degrees Backmobe and some other stuff, I went for the rest of the Mobes, it was really really close. At the end the judges gave the victory to Alvaro with a 3:2 decision, what a sick Final!Ranks:1st: Alvaro Onieva2nd: Me3rd: Cesar Portas4th: Alex PastorCheck the pics!

4 Responses to “Defended the 2nd in the Doubles”

  1. Lena Says:

    hey Silvester, Gratulation! dann biste ja jetzt super gewappnet für den nächsten PKRA-Stop.
    Liebe Grüße und weiterhin viel Erfolg!

  2. Oleg Says:

    Congratulations to the good result. Will the f-one delta be a kite that you will use in the PKRA?

  3. Silvester Says:

    Hi Oleg, well actually we’ve shooted the video for the Bandit with some almost finished Protos just after the PKRA in Venezuela and I did all my tricks and could find lots of advantages in the kite. Also be aware of the whereabouts of Randy, Pauline and Etienne. All three of them haven’t competed since the PKRA in Italy just to ride silently with the Bandit (the bandit was a secret until July, 9th)… I receive my bandits the upcoming days, so I will have some time before the next PKRA in Fuerteventura to decide if I compete with the Bandits or the Tribals/Impact SL’s.

  4. julian Says:

    pouah you’re very strong now!win a heat agaist cesar!good news!

    so for the trip if you know; answer to me…send me a mail