El Gouna, its blowing!

So this is my 11th day in El Gouna, I ride my 8m Impact and 9m Tribal almost every day, only had one calm day, wicked! Yesterday we started to record some moves, got some funny bails, today I learned something new, gotta see it on vid! I’m here till Thursday, still have to shoot some pics and much more video. Then I’ll be heading back to Munich, and then, then, then, I’ll be at the PKRA in Tarifa, for a good result hopefully, press ya thumbs tight, good luck to you all, make the best out of your time!

3 Responses to “El Gouna, its blowing!”

  1. Left-side-massage-buddy Says:

    Yo digga,

    Its 4.30 am, Andre is lying half dead on the couch, Alex is naked and crying because he has to leave also the country, like you… thomas waked up because of us! (ja sehr komisch..)

    You left to early this evening, Mangroovy rocked after you left! 😉 I hope you have a nice and good session tomorrow morning! (I mean, in a couple of hours) Call me when I am not there and you need a taxi to the airport! 🙂

    Check ya later!

    Your left-side-massage-buddy

  2. julian Says:

    hey man i’m happy to see you have windy days!!i will kite to el gouna too in july…..i am waiting for the movie! see you later!

  3. Silvester Says:

    @julian: Well the last 3 days weren’t that windy anymore, but the day I left it picked up again, so I think you’ll have a great time there!
    Didn’t manage to get enough footage for a whole movie 🙁 , will mix it with some upcoming events and trips…

    @My left-side-massage-buddy : Hahaha, I always say, no power to the drugs, you people should listen sometimes! I can imagine how Mangroovy rocked…zzz, but at least you girls where dancing a lil! The session was ok, thanks for the cab, you enjoy your time in El Gouna and study hard when you’r back in Holland and give the right-side-massage-buddy some lessons in massages,jeje!!!