As people get older, most of their actions get more and more repetitive, until they come to a point of no return, like, they don’t know how to think and act different anymore. For me, one of the reasons I started kitesurfing, was to get out of every day’s life. So someday, I had so much fun kiting, that I decided, hey, lets make it my new every day’s life, quit school basically and travel!

A great idea, its a lot of fun and I’m super happy, but in the end even that transforms into boring routine and CHANGE is needed for a balanced soul. Well yesterday, I had such a day of LIBERATION.

As usual (routine!!!) I drove to the beach to kite, pumped up my kite, checked the lines, trained some moves, etc… The wind was very light, so I was limited to do only a few, not combo tricks, so I got bored after 30 minutes. In that moment, I was heading towards the ocean, and BING, suddenly my mind just told my body,-don’t return!- Hm, don’t return? Have I gone crazy now?- thought the routine thinking part of my brain.

In the end the adventurous part of my mind convinced me not to go back to routine training and so I started the mini-adventure:The first thing to do, was to cross a pretty big port. When I came there, the wind was dropping even more and I could only go on a downwind course by moving my 11m kite crazily. I was coming closer and closer to the port, where some really big waves where braking in, thought I couldn’t pass it and would get smashed onto the walls/rocks. That was for sure the worst but also most exciting moment of the trip.I passed it, but then there was a new problem. The coast makes a steep curve behind the port, so I had to ride even farer into the ocean, if I didn’t wanted my kite to drop.So now I was in the middle of the ocean, the wind was just strong enough to keep my kite in the air and I didn’t see any way to come back to the coast without having to swim a large large distance in dark water, not knowing anything about the local currents.

That, as you can guess, was most exciting moment 2 of the trip. I kited 10 minutes in direction ocean, without knowing how to come back, until the wind picked up a little bit again, and I finally decided to come closer to the coast again, because I had already gone downwind again at least 3 or 4 km.

The rest of the trip was pure enjoyment. I found 2 Spots with big clean waves, where I surfed a little and even could train some moves. I continued the downwinder when the wind got to light to stay upwind and just before it got dark, I arrived at a beach close to my parents home. There I packed my stuff and walked a 15min. walk in Wetsuit to the house.

You can’t imagine the faces of the people, when I stopped by in the local supermarket, to buy a Coca Cola with a 1 Euro Coin I had discovered in my boardshorts!

3 Responses to “Freedom”

  1. Julian Says:

    you’re not a good kiter,you’ re also a good writter!!nice !
    that’s a interresting text..with this one we don’t eat only handles pass;that’s not bad..and sure you’re right kiteboarding is not only hard tricks..

    see you later dude!

  2. Marcus Says:

    He sly
    Wie gehts??
    Lange nich mehr mit dir geredet. Heisst das jez ,dass du nich mehr mit fernschule weitermachst oder was??

  3. Silvester Says:

    Doch klar mache Ich weiter!