In Egypt

Arrived two days ago, was welcomed by a Sandstorm so the plane had to restart just before landing, funny!The 40min. drive to El Gouna even better, you could see max. 10 meter far, crazy.Once I arrived in El Gouna I went to the water directly at kiteboarding club el gouna with my 8m Impact Short Line and had a nice session. Yesterday it was strong for 8m again and even better!The food is good (as you can see on the pic), a Tuk-Tuk (some sort of Motorcycletaxi) brings you wherever in El Gouna you want for 60 cents, there are some parties and the water is as warm as I’m used from Brazil and Venezuela. I even have Internet in my room! Fantastic place!I’ll shoot some pics and hopefully a vid to, stay tuned!Thanks to, Orca Reisen and Kiteboarding Club el Gouna for their support regarding this trip!

2 Responses to “In Egypt”

  1. Katja "Kate" Müller Says:

    Hi Silvester!
    Ich hab es ja leider doch nicht mehr geschafft, mich zu verabschieden, sorry! Ich hoffe, du hattest/hast eine schöne Zeit bei uns in El Gouna (du weißt ja, positives Feedback immer an Thomas – negatives an mich oder Grit!!)! Wünsche dir für deine Zukunft alles Gute – wo immer dein Weg hinführt!!! Hauptsache, du bleibst wie du bist! 😉
    LG, “Kate”

  2. Silvester Says:

    Danke Katja, ja hab ihr ne gute Zeit, danke dafür, dir auch alles gute!!! Viele Grüße