In Tarifa

Didn’t know where to go next, had a spontaneous moment, so I just packed my stuff and off I went to Tarifa! Live in house of Alvaro Onieva here, we go skate and train together every day, came here on Thursday, was way to strong for my 13m but looked light so it was up to Big Air Style for a couple of minutes with Mallory, Julien and Alex, on friday big waves began to roll in, we kited with 11m using the 2-3m waves as kickers, yesterday the sun came out and the wind dropped a bit, but still enough for 13m and big waves again! Happy to be in Tarifa, the wind is so constant compared to Marbella! Today the wind is light again, maybe I’ll go back to Marbella tomorrow and pray for some serious gusty winds!

One Response to “In Tarifa”

  1. Julian Says:

    it seems to be nice condition to do wave and hang time!well good ride ! 😉