It’s official: Spanish Vice-champion

So the last day of the last spanish Tourstop in Malaga we got around 8 knots. One problem was that I was totally underpowered and couldn’t even get enough speed to make a small poppy jump, another problem was that my plane to Fuerte would leave in the middle of the single elimination. So I lost my heat against Morillo who had a bigger kite and some kilos less, packed up my gear as fast as possible and went to the airport. The heat ended at 5.05, the plane left at 5.50.

As they couldn’t finish the contest do to to light winds, I kept my 2nd place in the Overall ranking. Cause I was at the airport, somebody else had to receive the cup. I told my mom that should be my 5-year old brothers job. In the end he really did it and made a huge show on the podium. Alvaro Onieva, who got first, helped him to climb up and then they interviewed my brother and he just didn’t stop speaking. So it was lots of fun for everyone I was told later.Once I arrived at the airport I took of the fins and pads before checking-in and met Michael Schitzhofer and his parents waiting in the line. We were pretty late, but luckily the plane left one hour to late to, so it was not a big deal to get in on time. At least it wasn’t for us. Our board bags didn’t make the direct way to Fuerteventura and are still missing at this very moment. Today we already started the Single Elimination and I was against Aaron in the first heat, which clearly was Mission Impossible with borrowed gear. So now I’m waiting for the Doubles tomorrow, where I’ll go against Paul Caswell.

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  1. Athens.. Says:

    yeeee your bro is very nice.. I was “speaking” with him in Tarifa and I think I was in love =).. He told me that he knows doing handlepass and motorbike =)) really really nice..

    Goooooood Luck in Fuerteventura..