Liquid Force replaces for 08

LFAs you might know the last event I competed at was the PKRA in Germany, I met Michael who is responsible for Liquid Force in Europe there and got some first impressions of their new New-School kite, the Hi-Fi.

The kite seemed to be just what I needed for 08 and LF was looking for an European rider so LF gave me a visit in Tarifa in October and handed me two Hi-Fi’s to test them intensively.

Since then, I have already ridden the Hi-Fi in various different conditions and I’m totally stoked, they performed sooo sweeeeet in all areas, lift, pop, depower, kiteloops, handling, gusty winds, …, I totally believe its the best Freestyle Kite for 08!

Will keep you up to date,
thanks for your support

6 Responses to “Liquid Force replaces for 08”

  1. Balles Says:

    Jo knut
    told u that LF rocks
    keep in touch

  2. Silvester Says:

    haha balles, now I agree, you were right!
    See Yaaaaa

  3. Balles Says:

    hahah told u!!!
    im always right hahaha
    c ya! when r u back in spain?
    want to go PIMPIN with ya!
    take care

  4. Mike Says:

    What??? LF?

    People make mistakes….

  5. Silvester Says:

    Mike, try the new stuff, meet the people behind LF and then talk about “mistakes”…

  6. Brenner Says:

    The Bandit is a mistake! 😛