Munich over Christmas

img_5418.jpgHey guys and girls, first I want to wish you all a nice Christmas time and some hot New Year parties!
I’ve been in Munich the last 2 weeks and I will stay here another 2 weeks, waiting for my Recoil 136 and LF harness and investing some time in that distance “Abitur”. I celebrated christmas with my father and my relatives that still live in Munich and it feels really good to be here in my hometown for a longer time after so many years. Something funny about Germany is that New Year is called “Silvester” here, so I keep hearing my name all day long, hahaha. My sister Sharon has also come for a couple of days and she shot some pics, Ill put up a gallery soon, for now I put two new ones in the portfolio gallery.

Most probable thing I’ll do once all my stuff has arrived is to go to South Africa for 6 weeks. I’ve always wanted to go, so I’m looking forward to that. After South Africa, Alvaro and I gonna meet up in Australia, another trip I can’t wait for!

7 Responses to “Munich over Christmas”

  1. Mina Says:

    Hi! I hope u hav a Happy Silvester in Munich!, sometimes it’s nice to go home, this Christmas I went to my hometown in Denmark 4 some days, but now im back in Spain. Im soo jealous ur goin 2 Australia!!!!!! It’s my dream place 2 go! You’re so lucky!!! Which part are you goin to? Get loads of sick pics and videos so we can see it!! C ya!

  2. Silvester Says:

    hm, not quite sure yet, but the west side is said to be the place to go for kiting, so I guess I’ll start with Perth!

  3. julian Says:

    hey man i wish you an happy new year!

  4. Silvester Says:

    thanks julian, same goes to you. See ya in some windy place!

  5. felix Says:

    alter was du auf den sbahngleisen machst is ja lebensmüde;)

  6. Silvester Says:

    haha, genau! Gegen mountain-skaten ist das aber gar nix 😉

  7. LEna Says:

    hey, bist du noch in München?