New Feature

Think most of us kiteboarders got a similar taste of music, so I thought it to be useful to share my playlists with you.

So now by clicking on the album covers which you will find on the right of the site, you will be redirected to the albums description with track samples at The list of covers gets updated every time I connect my Ipod to the notebook or when I listen to music on my notebook! The list of covers gets updated once a week and shows my weekly favorites. Sweet, isn’t it?

6 Responses to “New Feature”

  1. nadine Says:

    Hi!! this weekend i will be in MArbella, any good spots 2 go kiting around there??, will you be around??

  2. Silvester Says:

    Hi Nadine, yes I’ll be around, plenty of spots, but chances of wind are 1:5, and if there is wind its always a different spot. Anyway, good Spots are: Los Monteros (closest to Marbella) and San Pedro for Levante (East Wind) and Heaven’s Beach between San Pedro and Estepona for Poniente (West Wind).

  3. Kim Says:

    ich komme am 14. nach Tarifa
    Ich hoffe mal das du denn noch da bist

  4. Kim Says:

    achja hör nicht soviel new shool musik
    80´ 4 life

  5. julian Says:


  6. alex Says:

    Vas a Tarifa este finde para la quedada de Forokiters???
    Estaria genial para navegar contigo!! Saludos!!