Silvester in Brazil 06

Pete Rose to wrapped, all the switch Moves and a big Frontmobe to blind over a wave. Music is more chilled than usually. Enjoy!download here

8 Responses to “Silvester in Brazil 06”

  1. Julian Says:

    we are not used to see you in waves,but you’re not a bad wave rider!!!the classical touch is very nice!ggod cut!!go on french blog :s lol..

  2. Anonymous Says:

    You are great… The first time I went kitesurfing I didn’t really like it, but then I got better, I hope I will be as good as you are in the future. Sorry, if I wrote nonsense, but I am from Austria^^

  3. Jeremie Says:

    Very good editing, sick tricks !!
    Didn’t remember you website, happy to finaly find it !!!
    good luck for new season dure!
    se ya soon on coche for crazy movies!

  4. admin Says:

    Yeah, waveriding is not so much my speciality, hehe…

    Jeremy, lets show those PKRA Big Names some serious moves in Venezuela!

    Well if you start kitesurfing at a very bad day with gusty winds, like it is common in Austria, it could easily lead to a little Kite-Phobia, but cool to hear that in the end you got addicted to the sport as well! You’re coming to the world cup in Podersdorf in May?

  5. Alan Says:

    Hey Silvester!

    Schönes Video! Erinnerst du dich noch an mich? 😉
    War eine coole Zeit in Cumbuco. Grüsse an Pile und viel Erfolg für die PKRA Contests!


  6. admin Says:

    Hey Alan, wie gehts? Ja, mit euch war es wirklich fett, hehe! Und wo gehts nächsten Winter hin?

  7. Philippe Says:

    Que nivel la nueva video exelente ,
    en Marbella casi nada de viento y mucho frio para nosotros,
    he tomado cafe con Jl esta mañana todo bien estamos esperando
    la nueva camioneta con la chica pintada falsa rubia,falsas tetas,y falso cesped.
    Hasta pronto

  8. admin Says:

    pues aqui mucho calor pero esta lluviendo desde 4 dias y no hay nada de viento, antes habia viento todo los dias para 8m.
    que tengais buen viento y que la nueva furgo venda bien, hehe!