PKRA Germany Double Elimination:9th

Well so today we finally got some wind for the Doubles. Rocky Chatwell, who I bet in the Single Elimination made it all the way up to me again. I ride my 9m, was super powered and went with lots and lots of speed for the tricks, I did some switch and the usual stuff with good landings and powered only my kite made it to 12 o clock after many take-offs so in the end I was dangling a bit which made me lose with a 3:2 Decision. Still Im more than satisfied with the 9th place here, the conditions werent easy and the level was good.You gotta check the vids on or Links:Double EliminationSingle Elimination

One Response to “PKRA Germany Double Elimination:9th”

  1. julian Says:

    hi man!how are you???nice to see you have better news than the pkra in fuerte!
    i go to spain about 15 days..from 1st to the 14th of september!
    i hope to see you!and ride with you man! i go to tarifa not so far than marbella isn’t it?
    you can answer to, or on msn..and if you want my phone number: 06/80/23/84/61…
    see ya man!