PKRA Germany Single Eliminations

I arrived in St. Peter Ording on Friday and it wasn’t windy until Tuesday. Tuesday we had the skippers-metting at 8.30am , super early! First they did the trials which took less then 1 hour, then we started the Single Eliminations. The wind was light in the morning but increased throughout the day. I pumped up all my kites but chose my 8m Impact SL, cause thats what I’m most used to and cause it was gusty and windy.In the first heat I was against Rocky Chatwell from USA who’s currently under the Top12. He was on his 7 Fuel and throwing some big kiteloops, I did good stuff with some power and advanced.Then I went against Michael Schitzhofer from Austria and we both had a regular heat, he did more but according to the judges I had more power in my tricks so I advanced to the third round where Mr. 3x and soon 4x Worldchampion stopped my run.So I’m super satisfied with the result and I really hope to get some wind for the doubles!

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