PKRA Venezuela: 13th

Today we woke up early and started the Double Eliminations at 10.30 AM. I was against Christian Holley in my first heat, who is one of the guys riding pretty strong this year, doing Frontmobe 7’s, etc. So yeah, I had to give it all, so I went out on my 11m to be super powered and then landed a sweet Switch Front and Switch Back 5 and a KGB to blind. So I won that heat, and now was against Tom Hebert, a big name in the KPWT.

I started my Heat with lots of power, landing some sweet moves, but then went worse and with the kite higher in the second half of the heat. Tom also went very powered, riding his kite very low and crashing a lot. When I came to the beach I wasn’t satisfied with my performance, even if most people argued that I had the better head. Tom advanced in the end, which means I’m 13th, which sucks! But sincerely, who cares, if the parties are right, aiiy?

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