Change of plans!

The day I arrived here on the beautiful and cold island of Sylt I had a great session with Pile, Kim and Johannes, but I cracked my only board. Just back from the beach we had to find out that Red Bull’s car for us was totally broken. So we tried to find another solution but taking the forecasts to count we decided to stay in Sylt instead of heading towards Denmark.

Yesterday I had my first session on bots ever and it was totally insane. With a Stance of 52cm Kiteboarding looks and feels way different, but after a couple of minutes I was able to stick some Flat 3’s and complete KGB’s which just felt unreal.

Today I had another sick session on my 7.5 Bandit but this time with normal Pads again. I was totally lit so I only did Toeside Flat5’s and Flat 1’s and 3’s with the kite touching the water most times I landed. I had some bad wipeouts though and my right knee wasn’t all to happy about them.

So tomorrow I’ll start filming some fine action of Kim Albrecht in his boots and Monday I’ll get a new board so then I’ll be able to ride to the max. again.

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