I arrived in Palermo 3 Days ago, had to sleep one night there and then went to Marsala, the PKRA Spot by train, so had a nice session of sightseeing. It was windy since the day I arrived and very choppy. Today we did the single elimination and I lost against Mikael Bloomvall. The Forecast isnt to good, so today there will be some partying!

Well so we did the doubles in Italy, I had a pretty good heat against Alberto Rondina including all Switch Moves but the Switch Frontmobe, so I thought I had passed that heat but Alberto in the meanwhile, did pretty good stuff more upwind than me which I couldn’t see, including a Slim to blind and Kiteloop Slim, so he won, congrats! At night then, I followed the PKRA traditions, which say that Losers party better (ended 25th…), Oh friends, that I did! Some more exciting stuff happened in Italy. My board was stolen by some a##holes, some other riders also got robbed, my teammate gave me my Ipod Video back after a year (had forgotten it in the hotel at the PKRA Portugal last year), Alvaro won the Slider Event and now is the Slider Worldchampion, I learned how to do a flat 3 without a wave and I decided to give boots a try in the upcoming weeks.Now I’m in Munich, the 7th I’ll fly to Aegypt for 2 weeks to learn how to compete (which mostly consists of being able to ride upwind).Won’t go to Cabarete, might go to the PKRA in Tarifa and will definetely go to Fuerte!

4 Responses to “Sizily”

  1. Marcus Says:

    Hey sli!!!
    ich wuensch dir viel gleuck in deinen naechsten turnieren
    wirst du dann auch in tarifa da sein??

  2. julian Says:

    shit!you lost aigainst bloomvall but he is very very strong!have a nice time there!

  3. Silvester Says:

    klar werd Ich in Tarifa sein, danke, ride hard!

  4. alessio Says:

    Schade Silvester, gerade gegen Alberto solltest du dich “treffen”… er war voll konzentriert weil er kennt deine “switch-trick”, hat deine videos gesehen (er hat das gesagt).
    Trotdzem Respekt! und viel erfolg im zukunft.