Still in Marbella

Yep, in the end I didn’t go to Chile neither, so I’m still here in Spain, we had some good wind last couple of days and I went to the Cable-Ski again and got filmed a bit, see some below. So now the plan is to stay around Marbella/Tarifa for the next 2 weeks and then the traveling can begin again! This winter I will work really hard on powerful riding, cause ultimately thats what I enjoy most![MEDIA=6]

5 Responses to “Still in Marbella”

  1. Martin Says:

    Ich fliege am 11.11. fr ne Woche nach Tarifa.
    bist auch in der Nhe?
    Gru Martin

  2. julian Says:

    When are you going 2 stop by Tarifa??, It would be nice 2 ride wit u!!
    C yA.

  3. Silvester Says:

    don’t know, today its windy here 🙂
    Maybe upcoming days.
    Have Fun!

  4. julian Says:

    hi dude!!! nice blind judged!
    there is an other julian here?

  5. Silvester Says:

    Thx, Seems like 🙂
    Hey, your post on “new future” was the 111th comment on this blog!
    Have fun 2!