Wind is gone

A bit more than One week ago I arrived in Venezuela. Which doesn’t mean I arrived at Coche back then yet! When the plane landed at Porlamar Airport, I carried nothing but my stuff and a credit card with me, just thought, that was enough in 21st century.I was wrong.If you really want to understand the situation, you must know, that according to my travel mate Pile (pilebrü everything was planned and organized (he already was in venezuela since a week).So when I finally had all my bags, it was half past 8.30 minutes to late for somebody with a credit card…Pile had organized a ride to Yaque, but I didn’t really believe that ride would ever arrive (where I was right…) so I just went outside the building and saw a cab full of windsurfers and kiters who obviously were heading towards El Yaque. I run there and with my perfect spanish (with the worst german accent you can imagine) I convinced the venezuelan driver to give me a drive to El Yaque (people here are very helpful, thanks!).So arrived at El Yaque at 9.30pm, it was night, most hotels were full or even closed. So there I went on search for a room, as the ride to El Yaque was “organized”, there was no need for Pile, to tell me where to stay or where he was staying…So in the end I couldn’t find a room, but then I entered the Hotel Yaque Winds and again, the friendliness of Venezuelans surprised me. The receptionist just said, if I didn’t find a room for this night, I could slip at the reception. Which I did…So next day I woke up early, drove back to the airport by cab to get some money and then took the first boat to Coche, where again I didn’t know where to go. So I just went to the kitespot and talked to some Germans who knew Pile and directed me to his pousada. I slept there a night and then moved to Cabanas, some rooms which are directly at the beach with acclimatisation and enough place and tranquility to study!The first week was very good then, in the morning it was always for 11m and then got stronger and stronger during the day.Since 4 days now, the wind is gone. It rained a bit, so the thermic doesn’t work anymore, just like in Brazil. Hopefully the wind will be back soon!PS: All the credits for bad planning go to myself!

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  1. Julian Says:

    hey you’re with jeremie tronet and stef of martinique..have a nice trip dude