70s please

plattensammlung.jpgTomorrow at 15.35 I will be on my way to Cape Town. Staid here in Munich way longer than expected, but now I’m super mega terra motivated to ride! I’ll stay 3 weeks in Cape Town, then I’ll move on to Australia (Perth). Alvaro wan’t come (sharks…), but ol buddy Pile “the King” has given his word and even more german power is coming in form of Mathias Wichmann, so probably there will be some nasty hardcore riding on tape, once we return from Australia in mid March. I found some real good 70s vinyls in our cellar, Ill try to make the best ones digital once I’m back and then use it as background-music for the upcoming videos, back to the ol days! 😉

2 Responses to “70s please”

  1. Mathias Says:

    hey digga..
    i bought that fucking good cam, and hope that it’ll work quite well, when we’re gonna rip hard.
    just keep me informed, when you’ll arrive that i can pick you up at the airport. seems so, that pile has exactly the same flight as i have.
    have fun in SA and we’ll see us in perth!!

  2. Mike S. Says:

    We’ll see us down there Bro. Can’t wait to rip Sa with you and Pile. i arrive on the 28th.