7th ::: PKRA France

After numerous problems during our roadtrip like a broken battery and a robbery, Alvaro, Alex and I arrived at the competition area way to late and almost too late to register. The french Tramontana blew strong and gusty from day 1 on so first I had to go through the trials, where I only didn’t miss my heat thanks to Pile (the machine) Brueckmann, who saved me by pumping up my kite. 4 of 5 people went through each heat, and 1 guy didn’t even show up in my heat, so I went through to the Single Eliminations, where I had to go against Cesar Portas in the first heat. I rode my Unions, did really well for the conditions but lost against the quantity (2 more tricks) of Cesar. Next day wasn’t windy enough for competition, so there was enough time to recover from Saturdays night. The wind came back stronger and gustier on Monday for the double elimination. I won my first heat against Ali Barrett from UK on bindings but with a really close decision. The conditions got worse and worse so after this heat I went for my straps board(hadn’t ridden on straps for the last 3 months) and shorter lines which turned out to be a good decision, because like this I won another 3 heats, against Paris, Phillip Brueckmann and Mikael Bloomvall and then lost against Seb Garat way overpowered on my 7m. I ended up 7th like Alvaro, Alex got 6th. So it was a good start into the new year of competitions. Thanks to Thomas Hasle for taking some pics of me.

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  1. Sofia Says:

    Hey hey!
    The only thing I have 2 say is that your pics are really cool!