Back Home

kloop21.jpgI arrived in Malaga 3 days ago, my flight was with Malaysia Airlines Perth-Kuala Lumpur-London-Malaga, they charged me 900 $ for my boardbag and we arrived late in London, so I missed my flight to Malaga and had to wait the whole day at the airport for the next one, so I guess that was the last time with that Airline for me…
The day after my arrival the wind was on so I kited at Heavens beach, which practically is my home spot, met the old buddies there and had a fun session, although it was dam choppy for ma bindings.
I gonn stay here for now and train for the PKRA in France where I wanna compete on bindings, lets see how that goes!
If you dig wakestyle, check out,there you can always find news from the LF team and core videos.
Sooo, gotta go now, seems to be windy in Tarifa + the lagoon is flooded!

2 Responses to “Back Home”

  1. Tom Says:

    Hey Silvester I been riding your bindings, they are sick, never going back to straps. How much you want for them?

  2. mina Says:

    Hi! Nice video and pics from australia, looks good! Riding in bindings also looks great!! makes me wanna try!!! Hows the wind for the upcoming days, marbella, tarifa or no wind at all :S ??? C ya!