Brazil. Yeah I suck!

Just bought a ticket to Fortaleza, I’m leaving next week and will stay there for 3 weeks, I know, going to Cumbuco is a huge sign of lack of creativity as everyone has been there already (yeah I’ve been there 3 times already) but if you really think about it the most important thing is not the spot but the people around you and since Kimi has been bombarding me with some sweet slider pics of him at Cauipe for the last week and Alvaro and Alex are there 2 to film we got a nice little crew together to have some fun… Can’t wait to get out of the 5/3 I’m using here in Spain and jump into a pair of board shorts, do some downwinders and hit the rail…

One Response to “Brazil. Yeah I suck!”

  1. Detlef Says:

    We hope to meet you there.
    We will be in the Eco Paradise from 26.11. – 17.12.2008.