Cable Orlando

 Yesterday MJ and I got up at 6.30 to go to the cable with Brian Wheeler from Kiteboarding Magazine. Moe was also supposed to come, but as he didn’t turn up, I was all alone on the water for an hour. They opened the cable only for us, so it was dead flat water, the light was still beautiful and when I felt to the water, I just had to wait and catch the next rope passing by. Some good shots are going into the next Kiteboarding issue. After the session we went straight to the airport and I just arrived in Hamburg a couple of minutes ago. Thanks again to Brian for the cable session, who by the way totally ripped once in the water, doing a pete rose of the kicker and a sick hasselhoff (and that cable is really low)

5 Responses to “Cable Orlando”

  1. julian Says:

    nice pictures!sunny weather! 😉

  2. Brian Says:

    You’re most welcome! Was fun riding with you. Thanks for coming out:)

  3. pile Says:

    Diggggggggggggggggga nice pictures,,,,rock n rolllllllllll

  4. Kim Albrecht Says:

    DIIIIGGGGGaaAAAaaAaa you are gonig big digi digi dig dig
    nice shots.
    am in A-dam it´s sick

    see jaaa in brazil!

  5. Silvester Says:

    hehe, been fun.