Cape Town Day 13 + Gallery

Day 13: Awesome! First Mike and I arrived late at Big Bay, Aaron, Lewis Crathern and Neil Hilder were having fun on the water, but by the time we rigged up, the wind dropped totally. We went to eat something in the Rossini and then came back one hour later and the wind was perfect. I went out on my 9m and bindings and had the best session since Im here, really made use of the kickers. The others also rigged up again and Ruben went out too so there was quite something going on out there! The wind kept going up until I was totally overpowered and did one hell of a high jump.

I also uploaded some pictures of the first days to the gallery, more to come! Thanks to Enno, who shot those pics.

4 Responses to “Cape Town Day 13 + Gallery”

  1. Kim Says:

    altaaaa ich sitz hier im scheiße kalten norddeutschland ich brauch ACTION SrHOTSSSSS dringend!
    Los zeigt mal was

  2. Silvester Says:

    digga, weisst ja was die magazine sagen wenn die bilder schon im internet veroeffentlicht sind…

  3. Angelo Says:

    vaya pedazo de ensalada que te vas comer…. jejeje un abrazo

  4. Erika Says:

    Hey!! you cook now? hehe not more burned pizzas for you eh?
    Wish you’re fine 🙂 enjoy those places
    See you soon, muuuaks :p