Cape Town Day 14,15,16,17 + updated Gallery

imgp3867.jpgDay 14:

Cafe Dulce in the morning, some internet afterwards and then I went out in Big Bay with 7m and bindings and had the worst session since my arrival, the wind was too light, it was gusty and I arrived there when everybody else was already leaving, wonder why…

Day 15:

Rossini for breakfast, the wind was nuking in the morning so Henning, Mike, his father and I drove to lake Brandvlei. The wind was too light to ride when we arrived at half past three, but soon picked up to give us a perfect session on our 12m kites. Mike did some nice Indy Glides to 313 and my level on bindings also exploded today, every day Im feeling more comfortable in them and I think I reached a point where its gonna be hard to go back to Straps.

Day 16:

No wind in Cape Town so Mike, his father and I drove down to Langebaan. There was no wind at the lagoon, but we had a powered 9m session at Main Beach. The current was really bad so after some time we did a small downwinder to a offshore spot where it was better to ride.

Day 17:

No wind at all and rain, so no kiting for today…

7 Responses to “Cape Town Day 14,15,16,17 + updated Gallery”

  1. Sebastian Says:

    Digger…die DARKSIDE oder was? 🙂
    Sauber mit den Stiefeln unterwegs.

  2. julian Says:

    wake style, great style!

  3. Jeannette Says:

    really nice food that you are preparing!! We hope you will repeat next time you come home!

    A lot of kisses from your family in Spain

  4. Maarten Says:

    Sick Silv!

    What boots do you use??


  5. Silvester Says:

    I ride the Unions, super flexible and said to be the lightest, but Ill also try the Escalades in Australia.

  6. Fabio Says:

    Yeah you look good with the bindings! Do you ride them in the PKRA this year too?


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