Cape Town Day 7,8,9

Day 7:

The first day without wind. Henning and the others headed to the city to go shopping and to check out some local attractions, at the end of the day we were off for a barbecue in house of some friends.

Day 8:

I got 20 years old that day, again I woke up with Henning signalizing that it was time to shoot some images (this time at 7 am) but luckily the wind just picked up late. When I woke up 2 hours later again a big cake was waiting for me in the living room (thanks mates!) and the wind picked up so I had a good unconventional breakfast and then set up my second Recoil 136 and went out at Dolphin Beach on my 9m kite and with Union bindings. The kickers were small and the water was choppy but still it was a great session. To end the day we had Sushi for dinner.

Day 9:

Rossinis for breakfast were I could also check my mails. Straight after I had my first 7m session at Dolphin Beach this year, was fun but gusty! Ruben and Kevin were there to, Ruben was killing it like always. After two hours we went back to the apartment and some minutes later we drove to Melkbos to have a foto session, but the wind was super strong for 7m and I couldn’t do much in the 30cm deep water where Henning was standing with his cam.

6 Responses to “Cape Town Day 7,8,9”

  1. Lara C. Says:

    Hey Silvester!
    Ich wünsche dir alles alles Gute und Liebe nachträglich zum Geburtstag und hoffe du hast schöön gefeiert … wie geht es dir so und wann kommst du mal wieder nach Deutschland ?
    Liebe Grüße,

  2. Silvester Says:

    Hi Lara, Dankeschoen! Ich bin in 2 Monaten wieder zurueck in Muenchen…

  3. Jan Says:

    Glückwunsch!! hast du schon die Comps???

    gruß Jan

  4. Ich Says:

    Alles Alles gut Nachträglich zum Geburtstag.. viel spaß noch in Kapstadt.
    liebe grüße aus dem feuchten deutschland

  5. julian Says:

    happpyy birthday (oopps a little bit late in know)..
    the wind does not seems to be easy for kitting!
    i hope you have fun!

  6. nina Says:

    nina ich sehe dir geht es gut das freut mich sehr und alles gute nina