Cape Town Day 1,2,3

capetownapp1.jpgDay 1:

Had a good comfortable flight with British Airways – Virgin Atlantic, they didn’t even weight my board bag which was at least 40kg heavy, but then it staid in London, where the transfer time was little bit more than an hour.
When I arrived in Cape Town Henning Nockel and his girlfriend picked me up from the airport, then we drove to a rental car to get an additional car and then to their apartment.
The wind was nuking from the first day on, could see people blasting huge airs on 7m kites from our balcony, which is in second line from the beach and gives a good view of the Table mountain.

Day 2:

Still no sign of the board bag, so I staid in the apartment to do some school, then we drove down to Rossini, a cafeteria next to Big Bay, which offers internet access and some good breakfast and lunch opportunities. Enno Oldigs who lives with us and Henning went for a downwinder with their surfboards.

Day 3:

Today I made a call to find out where my luggage is and 2 hours later they shipped it right to the apartment. After screwing the boards together and having some lunch the wind was nuking again, the wind was too strong for my smallest kite which is a 7m, so I just watched Kevin doing some Big Airs in Big Bay and then we went to Rossinis for lunch again. Today we had dinner in the city…

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