Crazy Arrival in Perth

perthcar.jpgThe flight was quite f***ed up, I sat in the last row in the middle, with two Football or Basketball players on both sides of me and my screen didn’t work… I arrived in perth at 2 am thursday. Pile and the others were at a Backpackers in Scarborough because eventually the trip wasn’t that well planned as thought (never rely on somebody else…). I took a cab to the backpackers. When I entered I was shocked, I’ve never seen something as dirty and ugly as this hostel. People were sleeping all over the place, I was scared to step on a needle and quickly made my way to bed.
I woke up super early next day and was sure of one thing: That was the first and last time in a backpackers for me… Next adventure was our search for a car. Mathias would stay half a year here for Flysurfer and Sven, his friend would study here for a year, so we came to the conclusion that the best thing would be to buy a car. Not easy when you haven’t informed yourself before arrival… We took a bus to drive in direction city and found some auto dealers on the way which only had cars above our budget. They directed us to another area called Widfords. We went there by train and by the time we exited the train it began to rain crazily. The car dealer told us the cheap car dealers were close to the train station, but obviously Australians think differently about distance… We walked an hour or so and arrived soaked. After another hour we had found the perfect car, an old Mitsubishi Magna Combi in old-school blue and with 300.000km for 1400 Dollars.
The task of finding a house or apartment was more difficult. We checked the local newspaper but couldn’t find anything. In the end of the day we went back to the backpackers to sleep there for another night.

carfront.jpgNext morning I had enough and made the suggestion of packing everything into the car and to look for accommodation more seriously. The others agreed so we went on to visit every single real estate agency, hotel and backpackers around Fremantle, Cotteslo, Subiaco,… Couldn’t find anything for the entire period here again so we slept at the Ocean Beach Hotel in Cotteslo after a very large day in the car, which was only saved by the great amount of laughing we had with Piles dirty jokes.

Again we woke up to look for accommodation and this time we found a really nice apartment in Cotteslo for a week. Toby from Core Magazine would then have place at his house for us. So finally we could put our stuff somewhere and go kiting. We went to Pelican Point where you kite with the Perth Skyline in the background. Its a nice spot at the Swan River and locals say there have only been 3 deadly shark accidents in a period of 50 years… The wind was ok for my 12m, the water was full of jellyfishes which luckily didn’t hurt. I even did my first KGB to blind on bindings today, so I was really happy with the session. The next days should get much better, as the usual sea breeze is forecasted, a much more constant wind.

3 Responses to “Crazy Arrival in Perth”

  1. Maarten Says:

    Keep in Rockin those bindings!

  2. Marion Says:

    Hi guys!
    I heard about you from the forum seabreeze…. Not so easy to get an accomodation here and I can not help you because it s too small where I stay!:-( ( and it’s not my house!)
    I come from switzerland (french part!)
    I’m in Perth for one month, I am photographer, so I am looking to get some experiences to different photographers and I kitesurf too.
    I am looking forward to meet people with the same interests, I enjoy to shoot good rider too, my only problem is I haven’t any car 🙁
    Let me know cheers
    see ya

  3. nina Says:

    halo ich sehe dir is nicht langweilig fahrt das auto immer noch meide alle grossere haie und mache dir viel viel spass nina