Enjoying Australia

walter_eeeh.jpgThe wind is getting better again and we could kite at Woodman Point, Pelican Point and Point Walter. Woodman was the best, really similar to Isla Coche with flat water, offshore winds and not to shallow. Its hot here, no need for a wetsuit and the forecast looks good!
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4 Responses to “Enjoying Australia”

  1. julian Says:

    haha nice gay picts mate! so what do you think about the idea of a trip??? if you don’t see what i mean let’s check your mail!!!! 😉

  2. Mike Says:

    Digger so ne Scheiße…

    Hätt echt nicht gedacht das ich unsere Wette, wär besseren Wind hat so verlier…

    Es sucked zur Zeit ordentlich…

  3. Maarten Says:

    Porn pics! 😛

    Looks nice the spot!

  4. Carlos Says:

    Hi! Just want to tell that im a regular reader of your site, and i always look for info on my fav riders.
    Someday we will work toguether properly, i swear. Now i wish the best of luck and energies to rip the planet.
    Cheers, Carlos.