Freemantle, Shanghai and Woodies

img_3559.JPG A couple of days ago we moved to Toby Bromwichs house in Freemantle, which is closer to Woodman Point and way cheaper. I’ve been shooting some pics with him for Core Magazine, wasn’t too good for pictures because of the light, but we still got to kite every day. The pics I put online are either shot by one of us or Marion Landon (thanks a lot). Yesterday the wind direction turned to South East so the wind was kind of gusty again, but the water was really flat at Woodman Point. I was out there with Victor Borsuk who also lives with us and Dan Anderson and this day I did good with my bindings, landed a couple of KGB to blinds and even two Pete Rose to wrapped’s, but its old stuff… Riding bindings is good fun, but its sort of limiting, so I guess I’ll use Straps for the next couple of days and once I do some new tricks on them I’ll try to do it with Bindings. check the gallery for new pics.
Shanghai = Cool place to eat Asian Food in Freemantle, cheap and tasty!

8 Responses to “Freemantle, Shanghai and Woodies”

  1. Maarten Says:

    Nice pics bro! I Think you do good to learn new tricks with straps.. but the style with bindings is that mofo nice! ­čÖé

    Keep it up!

  2. Silvester Says:

    Your 100% right + after riding with straps for two days I missed the bindings again… just feels better!

  3. julian Says:

    wwwow you seems to do more powerfull trick! easy or difficult to ride with bindings the first times?

    i am waiting for an answer for the trip….i have contacted my friend for the hotel…

  4. Silvester Says:

    you get used to the bindings quickly and it just feels sooo good! answered your mail already mate!

  5. nuRiaM! Says:

    peRdiiiiiidoOoOoOo!!! Queeee bieeeeeeeeen viveees jodeeERR!!!!
    un Bsaaazoooo!!!

    Nuria Mm!

  6. Marcus Says:

    yo sly,
    hab geh├Ârt ,dass in Australien grosse ├╝berschwemmungen sind, hoffe mal ,dass es nich deine bude getroffen hat
    viel spass,

  7. Silvester Says:

    hm, bei uns hats nicht mal geregnet… was geht in marbella, habt ihr wind?

  8. Marcus Says:

    Joa….geht so…geh heute nach Tarifa ,mal sehen ob da Wind is , vor ca. ner woche hats geregnet und gest├╝rmt ­čśŤ