LF 09 online

LF just launched their new website for 09 with all the new products and team interviews. It’s gonna be frequently updated with news and videos from the team, you can grab the rss feeds to stay informed: Headquarter, International Team, Regional Team.

The new gear is absolutely amazing, I will ride the Hifi, Hifi Comp, Recoil 136, Synergy Bindings, Luxury Pads, Luxury Harness and the Quad 6.0.

At this point I also want to thank all the LF Family for the backup they’re giving me these days, the family spirit in this company is not only marketing blabla, it’s really there and I’m stoked about that.

2 Responses to “LF 09 online”

  1. MQ Says:

    The page is really nice! But why did you choose the Synergy Bindings, Unions are rubbing to much the ankle right 🙂 And what is the Quad 6.0?


  2. Silvester Says:

    Actually I never had problems with the ankles and the Unions, but the Synergy is just more comfortable and easier to get in and out. The Quad 6.0 is one of the Surfboards Patt Rawson designed.