Liquid Force Team Rider Of The Year 08

I’m still in St. Peter Ording, for the double elimination we had some more wind, did good in my first heat, started with a slim, then a 5 of the wave, a KGB, KL 3, Blind Judge and Hasselhoff, but the conditions were really anti-bindings with a lot of current and chop, so after the first heat i was already super wasted and then in the next heat i started well, but then crashed really hard and had no power to go on anymore, which once again proved to me that I would be better of riding straps in comp, just can’t get that into my head, hehe, maybe next time.

Yesterday I got a nice surprise from Michael Juhl, the European Liquid Force Representant, who in the name of LF International handed me the Team Rider of the Year Award, stoked about that, happy to be part of LF, the sickest brand out there!

5 Responses to “Liquid Force Team Rider Of The Year 08”

  1. Capi Says:

    Congrats for the award!! 😉

  2. jon Says:

    cool man 😉

  3. markino Says:

    you are deserved him to you..
    and now..
    silvester board pro model!!!!!

  4. Alex Says:

    Congrats man!
    But you forgot to say the photographer’s name… and that sick raley toeside you landed in the heat

  5. Sofia Says:

    Congrats Sil,
    and cool picture;) !