After coming back from Germany I spent only one day at home, visited Alex and Alvaro in Tarifa the next day and there Alvaro and I decided to go for a 1-week trip to Portugal. We didn’t get to kite much, but it was still worth it. Lisbon has some of the most amazing kitespots in Europe, flat water lagoons, perfect waves and in summer the wind is always there. Coming back.

3 Responses to “Lisbon”

  1. tekko Says:

    oh.. and your hair is so SHORT! What happened there?

  2. Silvester Says:

    haha, was time for a new style so I left most of it in Hamburg.

  3. Says:

    hey digga!
    Du warst im Lux! Nice one hoffe es war genau so gut wie bei mir war.
    Also als ich da war war es EPIC sag ich dir!
    Hey nächstes mal lass die tour zusammen starten!
    Hättest aber mal lieber von außen Fotografieren sollen
    so sieht man ja gar nicht was es ist…

    Dein Gravatar ist sicko Man!! damed sick pic
    Fuckn Model.

    Haha war Slider rocken vorhin ALTA you are missing

    See yaa