Maui & Lanai

boat_lanai_teamThe wind machine was on. And conditions got better and better. I had some amazing time at Kitebeach, riding together with the LF Troops.

Days were mental, we’ve been working 24/7 for the new catalog through all the week, set up some nice lifestyle action with suits and shinn, we really put all our energy into that week, but I’m sure it was worth it. The riding was dope. At kitebeach the conditions were begging for powered stuff and punished technical tricks. What we didn’t get though, were those typical Hawaiian kickers.

On our last day we went to Lanai, which gave the trip the last touch. We kited in front of a huge ship wreck, a spot that I only knew through a Wipika video featuring Dave Tyburski in 2002 or so (that video was dope!).

Now I’m back home (Marbella) & tomorrow I will move my Benz to Tarifa, PKRA time… Once that thing is over, I have some sick plans for this month, among them the Legit Jam in Mid July organised by German Bindings & Slider Pioneer Kim Albrecht. We will have some sliders, we will be 6 riders or so & the format is going to be similar to Kite Punks and SSS.

3 Responses to “Maui & Lanai”

  1. Bubi Says:

    Diiiigger! Hauptsache n Benz fahren … da kommen die deutschen Wurzeln durch. Dope Sache Alter 🙂 Reingehauen … Bubi
    P.S: Die neuen Shane Closed Toe sind geil, probier die mal aus!

  2. Silvester Says:

    Digga, die Dinger fahre Ich schon am Cable, sind echt fett, fuers kiten sind die mir aber im Vergleich zu den Unions etwas zu schwer! Man sieht sich!

  3. jon Says:

    cool man…..really nice experiences;)