Not going to Venezuela

The other day I went to the airport and wanted to check in for my flight to Venezuela, funny thing was, I booked my flight for exactly one month later, so would have had to cancel this one and get a new one, but decided not to do so because I hurt my back a couple of weeks before, and only kited 3 days during 3 weeks, 2 days at the PKRA in France & 1 day sliders in La Manga and even resting so much I hadn’t recovered from the injury, so next day I went to see the doctor, had to go through an X-Ray where no damage was visible, the doctor diagnosed “inflamacion de ligamentos” (spanish…) but he seemed to have no idea at all, so what I’ll do is rest a bit more and if it doesn’t get better, check with another doctor.
Check out the video below, made by Thomas Alsbirk, LF teamrider and one of our kitedesigners. Its some riding from Leucate, my heat against Portas, some pure wakestyle from Peter Sands and more riding from more LF riders.

4 Responses to “Not going to Venezuela”

  1. Marcus Says:

    oh….hoert sich nich so gut an….gute besserung
    ich sitz bzw. liege die ganze zeit zu hause, weil ich voll krank bin ,darf jez auch kein sport machen:S
    bleibste dann die ganze zeit in bel-air?

  2. julian Says:

    good luck wth your back man!!!

    and congratulations for the 7 place!

  3. Alex Pastor Says:

    Hahah nicee, book the flight 1 month later (maybe tomorrow style), these thing only happens to german people haha. damn I had to travel alone…

  4. Mario Rodwald Says:

    Hey Dicker!!!!

    Vielleicht nächstes Mal in ein Reisebüro gehen 😀
    We missed you man!!!! See you rocking in Tarifa!!!!