One Night in Berlin

Lately my travels go all wrong. I arrived at Malaga airport yesterday morning 11am, just 20 min. before my flight to Sylt was supposed to leave. Somehow they managed to get me into the plane by time. But after waiting for an hour in parking position, the pilot announced one of the brakes of the airplane was broken. After another 2 hours seated in this thing, they send us back to the airport where we had to wait another 5 hours with a lunch budget of 8 Euros. In the end of the day most passangers who were going just to Dusseldorf were sent to a hotel in Malaga, while I got to fly to Berlin, because there were no flights from Dusseldorf today. So I got a night in a hotel in Berlin and then made a small trip through the city center. Now Im back to the hotel and waiting for my flight to Sylt, hopefully this time things work out. Oh, and I almost forgot, they also lost all my luggage….

The main attraction of the event:

2 Responses to “One Night in Berlin”

  1. jon Says:

    lucky trip dude!! Don’t worry….it happens….

  2. julian Says:

    wouah! what’s this compagny??? I hope you’ll be luckier for the next days!

    good luck mate 😉