PKRA Tarifa

I arrived in Marbella on the 1st of July late at night after missing my plane from Gatwick to Malaga because of the short time I had between Heathrow and Gatwick. The next day I drove down to Tarifa and registrated for the PKRA with my 12 hour jet lag. As the forecast looked light for the single eliminations I went to Marbella because I had some stuff to do there, but the wind picked up, so I missed my heat… In the doubles the wind was very light again. I had no opponent in my first heat, so I just went to the water and had some fun on my bindings, doing one of my best heats ever. The wind dropped afterwards so we continued the competition the next day. Wind was even lighter and I was way underpowered on my biggest kite against Madison Van Heurck, one of the lightest riders on the tour. I lost…

Then they did the Big Air Best Trick where I didnt compete because it was very light wind and I didnt wanna do High Airpasses, (actually never even learned them cause I despise them). Mario Rodwald got the victory, congratulations to him, he did a fine job!

2 Responses to “PKRA Tarifa”

  1. Soana Says:

    Sending the kite…. yuk!

  2. julian Says:

    high airpasses are good! but that’s not “wakestyle”! I understand why you despise them dude keep your kite low dude for radical mooves! 😉