Red Bull Kite Punks

Red Bull Kite Punks

Hey hey out there, whats up?

I’ve been at home for some weeks now, skateboarding and meeting some ol friends, my back has pretty much recovered, extreme headbanging on the dance floor and a couple of stair-sets aren’t a problem anymore, so Im back to normal life, even happy that I didn´t go to Venezuela, because apparently the wind was a bit dangly there, though Alvaro really represented and even got 3rd with only power and style, check out the videos on, s1ck stuff by On1x!

Lets come to the real news: On the event schedule this year was one event that I really wanted to go to and that is the Red Bull Kite Punks in La Manga, the biggest slider event in the world. So yeah, Red Bull contacted me a while ago 2 tell me I’m in. Duuudes, I was seriously stoked!

There will be 4 days of training, from Tuesday till Friday of next week and on Saturday the 17th of May, we will have a competition. We riders are going to choose the winners, so this event is really led by the the freedom philosophy of boardsports.

I’m going to drive up the coast together with Alvaro and Karolina Winkowska on Monday. The level is going to be very high with 2 real slider legends from the LF team, Moe Goold and Mauricio Abreu coming there as well as our  Worldchamp Aaron and the “Mega” Ruben. So if the wind plays along, an exciting show is guarantied! 

Im sooo looking forward to it, will be exceptional for sure! 

Hope you’re all living 100%, thanks for reading my weekly nonsense,



9 Responses to “Red Bull Kite Punks”

  1. Sofia Says:

    hey dude!
    sounds like you’re still alive and back at home:) good luck for the red bull cup!
    hope 2 hear smtg from ya!

    xoxo Sofia

  2. julian Says:

    good luck for the red bull kite punks! I think it is an amazing event!!!so have fun riding sliders 😉

  3. Konni Says:

    Sliders n Kickers rock! Good luck man!
    Heard that Goose is also heading there. Hope to see a niiice vid 😉

  4. Fabio Says:

    Geiles Event Silvester! Wann ist das neue Video fertig?


  5. Pedro Says:

    no offense guy but i think that the triple s is bit biger that this redbull kitePUNKKSSS

  6. Silvester Says:

    Yo guys, Goose is here, he was ripping super hard behind the jet ski, but then fucked his lip on the “Whale” and went to Hospital. I twisted my knee wakeboarding yesterday, today its no wind, so hopefully I will be able to ride tomorrow, Moe should be fine then as well, the forecasts look good.

  7. Silvester Says:

    yo pedro, true, Triple-S is bigger than the PUNKS. kitepunks is sick 2 though and the obstacles are unique.

  8. julian Says:

    hey man people in france sleep so early! it’s forbidenn to skate during the night…you see what I mean man??? haha..
    I think it was you in the video…

  9. bentaylor Says:

    ur poos